Wednesday, May 11

So Tired

So I've been doing school stuff every night and all day. Every class has a project or a paper due this week. UGH! I had to wake up 15 minutes early so I could make sure and look "business casual" for my accounting class presentation (in the 90 degree weather btw) and it killed me. I had to wake up before 7 people! That's a big deal for me. Yes, I'm a lazy college kid. Luckily I'm done for this week as far as homework goes. And I found out today that I don't have to take one of my finals. It's a behavior class so the teacher decided that the average of all our tests would be a good predictor of our future behavior (uh, sure). So we don't have to go unless we want to try to up our grade. I have my first official A this semester! I got back a kick-ass paper yesterday, highest in the class baby! In fact, it was so good the teacher wants to help me edit it some nad submit it for some contest where I could win a grand. That's a lot of yarn...

It's been CRAZY hot the past couple days. I love spring and all, but I'm ready for winter again. It's been like swimming weather and nice and muggy too. That really helps the already poofy hair, NOT! Now they're talking about possible tornados and thunderstorms and such. Yay. I love a good rainstorm. It'd help it the rain would cool things off some, but not so much. Thank God for AC :)

The shapely tee is getting a little bigger, in an interesting sort of way. I decided that it'd make more sense to make it in the round, so I put what I had of the bottom of the front on scrap yarn and started the bottom of the back. Then I remembered that I wanted to have stripes only on the front, so in the round makes no sense. So I'm knitting stuff in a really odd order. But it's cool cause I don't have nearly enough yarn anyway, so eventually I'll have to put it away till I get some money. Which will either be when I get my ass a job (I don't wanna talk about it) or in Sept. when I get my living stipend. Thank God for the PSAT's :)


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