Tuesday, June 28

Happy Day

Why I'm happy today:

1. It's rainy. Some people might not think that rainy=happy, but it's been so crazy hot that I'll take any excuse for clouds/lower temps. And I happen to enjoy rain in general, I'm strange like that.

2. Target finally made a cheap version of the only shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair behave (well, besides the lancome stuff, but that's soooo out of my price range). Yaaay!

3. I finally got some of the toner that I like, and for the first time in a couple weeks my face feels truly clean. I'm oily like crazy and I don't care what the commercial says, if it doesn't burn it isn't working. Ok, so they're talking about mouth wash, but it still applies.

4. I also happened to come home with some Heath bars...YUMMM!

5. I had some problems with my bag this weekend. I started the second side, and then realized that the second side was about 2 inches wider than the first. I tried 4 times with smaller hooks and really tight crocheting and still couldn't get it narrow enough. So I ripped EVERYTHING. But now on track. Not too far along, but on track.

6. After being bored all weekend, and none of my bloggy friends blogging, they're all back and blogging and I have a ton of blogs to read.

7. One of my fave shows, Big Brother, starts next week. Woohoo!

So yeah, happy girl. I nearly went nuts over the weekend. For one thing, I was trying to fight a stuffy nose and had to take decongestents. I don't know if I've mentioned my history much, but I used to have problems with depression (there was a stint on antidepressants), and decongestants make me really down. And beyond that, Jaime went to poker night Saturday and I was alone. It wasn't pretty. Thankfully Jaime was amazing and put up with my shit all day Sunday. I'm feeling much better now obviously.

Yesterday I went to see my mom for the day. We planned to go to a movie, but it didn't really work out. We did go to an appointment with the oncologist, which took forever and went fairly well. She had a CT scan and there really wasn't anything wrong, but there's something on her pancreas that they aren't sure about. She's freaking out (I get my worrying gene from my mom), but I'm sure it's nothing. The doctor doesn't seem too concerned. And we had a decent talk about what's going on between us. I'm not sure that everything is all better, I'm not sure things ever will be all better. And I may be making something of nothing. But at least we talked about it some.

Once again, I'm off into blogland. Have a great day!


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