Wednesday, July 6

The Rules

Now I'm finally caught up with my blog reading from the weekend and I can post. There are rules to this sort of thing. For instance I normally won't bother to post until I've read everyone else's posts. They're all better than mine anyway.

The holiday weekend is over. I had a great time, but I'm big on schedules and normalcy. Sure, my "schedule" involves waking up at 9 and showering by 1, but it's a schedule none the less. And I'm actually beginning to miss school (in 4 months, remind me of that so I can laugh). We'll get the keys to our new apartment in less than 3 weeks. Which means that the packing craziness will start pretty soon, and my blogging may be even more sporadic ("sporadic" always makes me think of Clueless). I apoligize in advance. And if it helps my knitting/crocheting will probably suffer too.

So the weekend festivities started Sunday afternoon with the annual firework hunting expedition. Every year my dad and I (Jaime's now a fixture of the trip also) go to James Street in Kansas City to stroll the street comparing prices. There are 4 fireworks stores(?) and each has a particular specialty. One was new this year and claimed to have the best prices (not that much really). One has the best AC and has the strobes that no one else seems to carry. One has all the fun little cardboard things that I love (chicken, frog, rhino, elephant, magic lamp, etc.) but NO AC. And the last has the bigger night time stuff. Unfortunately we can never remember which is which until we've been to each one twice. This proces is VERY SWEATY! After spending about $160 of my dad's money on fireworks (a pretty light year for us if I do say so myself), we were supposed to go to a friend's house for a big party/cookout/thing, but it was supposed to rain and did I mention we were SWEATY? So we went home and showered and watched bad TV. Tv on Sundays really blows BTW.

On the Fourth, we skipped the regular family tradition of heading to my dad's hometown of Wamego, KS for the carnival and some food. Everyone in my fmily has a thing for sauerkraut and it stinks up the entire house, ewww. Aparently this year the whole thing sorta fell apart as the owner of the house there may or may not have been out of town. So we just headed out to Lake Perry to my aunt's house for some pizza and some evening firework fun. I have no pictures as I was too lazy to bring a camera. And this year I was actually pretyt involved in the shotting of said fireworks. The past few years I've left most of that to the boys, but it was so nice out I got into it. We put on a pretty good show, and got to enjoy some from the people up the hill and across the lake also. All in all it was a really nice time. I missed doing some of the traditional stuff in Wamego, but there's always next year.

Shopper is coming along, although slowly. I've gotten almost all the way through one side, and the other side is half done. I was hoping to have it ready by the Fourth, but no such luck.

And in some really fun news, I think there are fleas in our sheets. I've been getting bitten up pretty bad for a week or so, and then the other day I saw a little tiny black spot that jumped around a lot in our bed. UGH! How we got fleas in our sheets I'll never know. But now I have some serious cleaning to do. I could barely get to sleep last night cause I kept imagining little bugs biting me. Ewwwwie! I can't wait to move.

*EDIT* I completely forgot. Thanks to my great AKSP for spoiling me yet again. Friday or Saturday I got a great patriotic package with some red, white and blue candy and some fireworks-inspired sock yarn. Can't beat sock yarn :)


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