Thursday, July 14

And Things Get Crazy

Somehow it's only a week and a half till we move. How did that happen?? Things have just been nuts. I'm trying to get all my wallet stuff taken care of (thanks for all the well wishes), Jaime working a TON. We haven't packed a SINGLE THING. Oh, and my dad, our moving helper, he's going to be in Dallas at a school for his job (read: he'll be hanging at the pool in a nice hotel getting paid for it) the week we're moving. So we're all on our own! Isn't that great? Luckily my dad's letting me borrow his truck while he's gone, and Jaime thinks he can give a guy at work a few bucks to help with the bigger things we have to move. Oh, and we'll be on the third floor God help us. And we're completely broke. I had noodles with butter and couple slices of peperoni for lunch (yeah, so much for healthy eating). We found out like a week ago that we have to get renter's insurance before we move in and we have to have August's rent ready when we move in. And Jaime's having issues with his parents and his car insurance, long story. So it's like everything is happening at the same time. So yeah, I probably won't be blogging for a couple weeks at least. I'll try to check in with everyone when I can. Sorry for all the whining here.

And a huge thanks to the sweetest girl ever over at Shamrock Crafts. Jenn sent me some yarn for my shapely tee, which I guess means I have to start working on it again, as well as a nice note, some beautiful stitch markers (which I'll try to get a picture of before all this moving stuff starts) and some scrapbooking supplies. I really needed that today, thanks for making me smile! I'll have to think up a good thank you gift.

Hope ya'll have a great couple weeks! I've been reading Aunt Purl too much.


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