Sunday, July 10


"LOST" is now my least favorite word ever. It was the word of the day yesterday. It WAS NOT a good day. Another little list to demonstrate.


1. While driving to the bar my dad and uncle hang out at to get my oil changed I decided to take a way I've never been before and was mostly sure would get me there. I nearly got lost. I turned off the highway one stop too early, but luckily I decided to get back on and try again. I was late, but it wasn't a big deal.

2. My uncle nearly lost my keys. His friend put them on the hood of his car and swears she told him but he swears he never heard. He drove away and they ended up in the gutter. Luckily they weren't too far away and they were found.

3. I lost my wallet. I took it out and paid for my gas then drove a block to the mall and it was gone. I drove back and forth 3 times hoping I'd find it on the side of the road or something. NOTHING! My wallet is totally gone, including all credit cards, license, school id, bus pass, oh and my soc. sec. card. I know it shouldn't have been in there, and I didn't think it was. I think I must have put it in when looking for jobs in case I got hired on the spot. DAMN!!! The credit cards are taken care of, and I'll find out about my license Tuesday. I'm just so worried that my ss card is out there. I just really hope some nice person finds my wallet and returns it. I'm a nice person and that's what I'd do, karma should be helping me out here.

What a day.


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