Friday, July 8


I consider myself to be a very open minded person. It makes Jaime nuts how I always try to see the other person's point of view on things. When someone acts like a jerk, I try to consider what might be going on in their head: they had a bad day or got fired from their job. But there are some people, some acts that I just can't understand no matter how hard I try. What happened yesterday is one of those acts. I can't just justify that away. My thoughts are with everyone who was affected by what happened.

As everyone else, I'm coping with the news in my own way. I took some time to myself and turned off the tv. I worked on my bag some and just thought. My bag is actually getting pretty close to being done. I've gotten pretty good with this pattern since I've done every part of it like 5 times now. I've also decided on a project to make for Jaime's grandma. I've been wanting to make her something to tell her thank you for helping us and being so supportive, but I had to find just the thing for her. I think this is it...

I can just picture her wearing it, and it looks like it'll be fun to knit. Ok, so I haven't really done cables yet, or a whole sweater even, but I can do it, right?

And to end the evening with some normalcy, last night I watched the new season of Big Brother. I'm not the biggest reality tv fan, but I watch Big Brother religiously. I won't go through my full commentary. I do think it's pretty cheap that they picked an Iraqi-American for the show though. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against anyone from any country, and actually so far he's one of my favorites, but I don't believe for a second he would have made the cut without everything going on. The stuff they'll do for ratings.

I don't have any big plans for the weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to get my oil changed for real by my uncle, and then I'll spend some time with my mom. As well as finally getting to sew up my Back-Tack item. I'm so bad, but my sewing machine resides at my mom's house. I don't know how much I'll be seeing Jaime, this week the other two asst. managers at his restaurant were fired (they really deserved it too), so now it's just Jaime and his boss. Thankfully that means a nice raise and some overtime. Of course it also means overtime, and not much time off for him. And it means that he'll NEVER look for a new job cause now he feels loyal and stuff. *sigh*


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