Monday, August 22

Crafty Update

So I was gonna jump back in with a fun school preview, as I've been to all my classes by now. But I'm tired of thinking about school and I've been promising pictures. So we'll just do the crafty thing for now. So while I was away on leave, I did manage to get some knitting done. I knit a hot pad for the new place, as the old ones were kinda funky. But it's boring. I finished up Shopper after seaming it a couple times to get it just right. I absolutely love it, but of course haven't found just the right time to use it yet. And for some reason it got passed over when I was taking pics.

So the big new projects are the padded footlets for my sockapal2za pal and the famous kiri for my grandma for Christmas. I'm not so sure about the socks yet. I don't know if it's my gauge or the yarn or both, but the doubled paddy part is sorta stiff. I'm using Opal in two of the solid colors. Here's a terrible pic of it so far.

I'm hoping maybe after I get it washed the stiffness will go away. But that may just be because I don't wanna rip back. Any thoughts?

Here's my Kiri stretched out some.

I did have the pattern pretty much memorized, but I haven't worked on it much lately so I have to go back to the pattern now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it though. Lace is so much fun!

Besides this, I've been preparing to do some scrapbooking. Now that I have my desk I have all my sb stuff set out and organized so I'm ready to go. I got two cute pictures from my mom, who almost never gets her picture taken, and I can't wait to get them on some pages. I really want to do a page about what all she's been through this past year, but I'm going to have to think about what I want to say and how I should design the page. She's so amazing.

So that's what I've been up to creatively. We'll see how much crafty stuff I can fit in once I really get into my new schedule. I'll be back soon with more :)


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