Saturday, August 13

So Busy

Thanks so much for all your comments lately. I'm trying desperately to keep up with my blogs and my emails and all. Somehow I went from doing nothing all summer to being super busy. I've been keeping up with the exercise, although I had to take a few days off cause I slept funny and my back was a bit sore. We still haven't gotten my desk and bookcases moved in yet, the boxes are making me crazy. Everything should have it's own place, and it shouldn't be in a box. I broke down and started Kiri right before we moved (great time for new projects, I know) and am obsessed with it. I also started a sock for my sock pal, but I'm not loving it. We'll see how that goes. Speaking of pals, I got some beautiful stitch markers from one of my beading pals. And I got a great tropical gifty from my AKSP. Pictures of everything when I get a second to breathe. I also got my swimsuit and have been spending some time at the pool. Until it started raining and I got burnt. Oh well, by the time it's sunny I'll be less red. I just now got invited to an all night scrapbook crop party tonight, so I'm about to organize myself for that a bit. And of course next week school starts. Ahh. When it rains it pours I guess. Real post coming soon, really!


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