Thursday, August 25

This Is The Year

So every semester I start school fresh. Every time I say to myself "This is the semester I won't skip class cause I'm a lazy butt. This is the semester I will actually do all the assigned readings. I will even do the homework that is pointless and not collected. I WILL BE A GOOD STUDENT!" Yeah, well I bet you can all guess just about how long that lasts. See I have this problem, I don't like to talk about it much. In fact I usually deny it outright. But the thing is, I'm pretty smart. Me, I don't so much study. And it always seems silly to me to both read the book and attend class. I mean, it's the same stuff, why learn it twice? So I tend to do one or the other, usually depending on whether attendance is part of my grade or not (I swear the idea of attendance as part of the grade was invented to make my life difficult). This is why I get B's when I could get A's, why my parents are always ever so slightly giving me grief about my B's. Some stuff about potential and all that crap. But, this is the year...

Anyway. I've so far been to a whole week's worth of class. I'm still motivated and doing the hw and stuff. Not having to be there till 11 at the earliest sure helps. I even have some blogging time on my late days. I'm taking 5 classes this semester, Financial Accounting III, Tax Accounting, Child Psychology, Operations Management, and Finance. One of these things is not like the other. See, the official major is accounting. And the probable double major is finance. But I've got time. So I try to take a "fun" class every semester to somewhat diffuse the utter boredom of business classes. Of course my "fun" class always seems to require the most work...

Although a couple of my classes have entire horror legends based around them, they don't seem so bad yet. And at least the teachers are relatively interesting. The biggest pains are that I'll have to volunteer 26 hours in an agency with kids (which isn't so bad, just time consuming obviously) and that I have to get the Wall Street Journal everyday for article summaries. I don't really mind, but I got them freshman year for another class, and they just pile up and multiply. If you stop hearing from me in a couple months, check under the pile of WSJ's.

Sock Update: Thanks for your suggestions on the sock. I finally got real with myself and decided to rip it back. It just wasn't right and I knew it. So I got back to before the whole doubled yarn thing and now we're back on track. And it's actually kinda nice cause that padded part was kinda a pain in the ass. Of course that doesn't mean I won't try it again with another yarn, just not when I'm on a deadline.

Guess I should get my butt in the shower. Have a good one :)


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