Wednesday, September 21

How'd That Happen?

Ok, so I have a secret to tell you. You have to promise not to spill it to anyone. Especially not my sock pal. See, I'm supposed to be focusing my knitting efforts solely on the final sock. But something happened. Actually, this happened.

It wasn't my fault really. See, I've wanted to try a small cable project to gear up for the sweater I will eventually knit for Grandma Pat. So I got this book at the library that had the cutest little cabled baby sweater. Perfect! Not much yarn, quick! What else could I ask for. I bought the yarn right then. A pretty turquoise, lovely. And then it sat. For over a month. See, I didn't have the right needle sizes. And I'm cheap. When I get money, I like to buy yarn. You know, what I actually use up in projects. What's nice and pretty and colorful and soft. Not needles. Oh, and I have a bad memory.

So, last weekend my mom just happens to run across a cross-stitcher in her garage sale travels. And for some reason she thinks to ask if the lady happens to have any knitting needles she'd like to part with. Turns out she did. A ton of them! Apparently the sweetest old lady ever couldn't use metal needles anymore. SCORE! So now I have the needles. What can I say? The yarn just jumped on them.

So, there's my first attempt at cables. Pretty good if I do say so myself. And I even did it without a cable needle. Fancy-schmancy I know. Of course I had to do the first row of cables 3 times cause I can't freaking read, but it's ok.

And I swear I'll get back to the socks tomorrow!*

*This weekend I am totally updating my sidebar and projects pages. Talk about out of date!


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