Wednesday, November 30

That Time Of Year

No, not the holidays. End of the semester. Makes me shudder just to think about it. School is making me crazy. I'm trying to be a good little girl and go to class everyday, do my homework, etc. (sorta like I swore I would do at the beginning of the semester, haha) and it's making me crazy. And on top of that I do have to start thinking about the holidays at least as far as the knitting goes. I won't get into the spirit till I'm finished with the last test. So this is my way of saying, see y'all in a couple weeks. I can't stay away from reading blogs for long, but I probably won't have anything to post about anyway till finals are over. Till then, imagine the following post whenever you wonder what I'm up to...

Hi, it's me. I'm studying for a test right now. I wish I was knitting, or reading, or spinning, or sleeping. But I'm not. Oh, and I'm seriously stressing myself out over nothing. But that's what I do. Have a nice day!

PS. Thanksgiving was pretty nice, though I may not be able to look at a whole chicken for months. Just wasn't feeling it. I still have half a pecan pie left and if you know me at all that says something. I did have an amazing time freezing my ass off and watching Jaime play football with his coworkers. WISH I had thought to bring a camera, duh!


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