Saturday, December 17


I'm sooo done. In every way possible. DONE! I survived finals, though I'm not quite sure how. And I even managed to get some decent grades. I never have to go to a tax class again. YESSS!

And now that I'm destined to do nothing but knit for the next week it's snowing and I'm getting in the holiday spirit. Last night my mom and I went for our annual lights tour. Every year we get in the car with a blanket and drive around looking at all the houses with lights. It was definitely what I needed. I think we're going to get our tree Monday. I'm so excited to be able to have a Christmas tree again, we haven't had room for the past two years. Life is just so happy!

So as I mentioned, I'll probably be doing nothing but knitting the next week. I finished up my mom's hat (although it's a wee bit big) and I finished and gifted the scarf I was making for the teacher I helped at the elementary school. She was pretty impressed I think. I didn't get a picture with her in it, but here are a couple I took before I gave it away.

Click to make bigger.

I absolutely love this scarf, it is so soft and pretty. I would have liked to have made it a bit longer, but I only had 2 balls of yarn.

Now I am working on my dad's socks and kiri for my grandma. I'm staying optimistic. For some reason I'm being completely good and not knitting on anything else. I'm desperate to finish up some of my older WIP's for the Naked Stix kal, but those will have to wait.

Coming soon: Updated sidebar and AKSP reveal


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