Tuesday, November 22

What A Weekend

Ugh! Why is it that bad things always seem to come all at once? Well for the record I'm done with them for a while now thanks.

Friday I had an interview in Lawrence (45 minutes away) to be a teacher's assistant for one of my favorite teachers. I was of course super nervous. So I get down to my car that morning, all dressed up and trying to think good thoughts and all. Yeah, my car won't work! I'm no mechanic, but it would just barely creep out of the parking spot and then just barely creep back. Luckily my mom wasn't doing anything so she was my chauffeur for the day. I got there in plenty of time and I swear I've never had a better interview in my whole life. I knew what I wanted to say and I said it. I didn't have any of those awkward pauses where I look at the ceiling trying to quickly think up an answer to a question. I rocked! God bless the teacher he said he'd call the two he hired and email everyone else. I was just so sure he'd pick me, he knows me from class and has always seemed pretty impressed with me. Well, I'm sure you can guess how that turned out. I got home after stopping by my mom's to do some laundry and of course I have an email. Not only did I have the one generic email he sent to everyone who didn't make it, but I also got an email just to me saying to call him. So I do and he basically says that I had a great interview and probably would have fit in well with the other TA's, but I just didn't make it. And don't get discouraged blah blah blah.

A few cries and one awkward class later and here I am. I'm pretty much over not getting picked, that's their loss and all. But it kinda bugs me most that there was no good reason why I didn't get it. If he said that I didn't have the right experience, or I didn't interview well, or ANYTHING, I would be able to accept it better. But how'm I supposed to feel that I should have gotten it but didn't? Oh, and I secretly keep hoping that someone will back out or he'll change his mind. Is that terrible?

As for my car, we were afraid my transmission was messed up, and as it turned out it had no transmission fluid in it. So my dad came over to fill it back up and see if he could at least drive it to the dealership to have them look at it. He poured in a quart and it promptly drained out all over the parking lot. It had to be towed to a transmission place for the weekend. For the record, I love my car! I know i may take it for granted, but I go crazy without it. Anyway, so Monday my dad calls and says they have looked it over and apparently I managed to do something they've never seen before. I blew the fitting on the radiator (yeah, I don't quite know what it means either, but obviously it doesn't happen often) and that's where the leak was. So they fixed it and everything is all better. Of course, it cost $500 (Thanks Poppa!!) but that's better than needing a new transmission.

Knitting hasn't been terribly exciting, just trying to get some of these holiday knits out of the way. Hah! I was able to ply my very first skein of yarn all by myself. I can't say I'm terribly impressed with it, but it's yarn. Sorta.

You can click to see the really big one. So now I have a bunch of sorta random yarn and I have no idea what to do with it. The gray one I made in class desperately needs a wash as it's still sorta sticky/oily. Jaime says he'd wear something from my first yarn (which was definitely the right thing to say, the sweetie) but I have no idea what I'll make.

This weekend Jaime and I also had our first date night in MONTHS. Like since July at least. We went and saw Saw II which was just SO. GOOD. Very creepy/gory, but good. And it was just so nice to both get relatively dressed up and get out of the apartment for once. I've decided we should get back to our monthly dates, but we'll see.

And on a final note, yesterday our dear friend Milo passed away. Milo the hamster that is. He is survived by best friend and cagemate Milton of the same age. Poor Milton is looking pretty gray as well and I'm afraid he may not make it much longer either. Let's all bow our heads for a moment of silence.


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