Thursday, December 22

Getting There

It's been up and down these past few days, but I'm now pretty confident that I'll finish the knitting in time. I'm past the heel turn (haha, typed that as hell turn the first time) on the second of my dad's socks and I hadn't thought about the fact that I'll have all day Saturday before the party to finish them. Here's a pic, nothing special really.

I made Jaime try the first one on to make sure it was in the neighborhood of the right size (my dad's foot is a couple sizes smaller than Jaime's) and now Jaime is desperate for a pair just like them. It means more work, but at least it's worsted yarn. I'll probably start a pair for him after the first of the year. Making the ribbing go through the top of the foot all the way really helped with the sizing, the socks pretty much fit me width wise too. I'll definitely remember that trick.

The shawl for my Grandma is coming along too. I'm hoping to finish it early tomorrow or maybe tonight. I'd have a picture, but I swear it looks the same as it did months ago. Just a big ball of fur really. According to the all-knowing spreadsheet*, I'm already over 90% done with it and I only have like 4 more rows and the bind off.

I'm pretty sure I'd finish today, but tonight is the big holiday dinner at the boss' house. Last year I was completely terrified cause I'd never met any of them, but now I'm pretty excited to see everyone again. And it's a good excuse to dress up. Speaking of work, in the past couple months, 2 couple Jaime works with have gotten pregnant (one sadly ended in miscarriage shortly after though). Now his boss keeps teasing him that we're next. Hah!

Have a great day everyone! Oh, and I've gotten a couple requests for the pattern for my scarf. I posted the information on my projects page a day or two ago, you can either click on the name of the scarf under FO's or just on the "Projects" link (both in the sidebar). I put info for all of my projects there, check it out :)

*You enter how many rows the triangular shawl has and it tells what percentage you have done for every row. Pretty cool, and good motivation. Every row I finished last night I had to tell Jaime what percent I was on. I have no idea where I got this, or how to link to it here, but if you are interested just email me.


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