Tuesday, December 20

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today's my mom's birthday and it's just such a nice reminder of how much she means to me. After everything that happened during the past year with her double cancers and surgeries I'm just so thankful that she is still doing wonderfully. As of a couple weeks ago, still no recurrence or problems whatsoever! And although she was convinced she would be gone by now, she's obviously just being silly as usual and will be around to bug me for YEARS AND YEARS to come (and I mean that in the best way possible). Yes, she does make me crazy, being a bit controlling and uh, "hands-on", but I know that she does it because she cares about me and doesn't know any other way. And of course we are so alike that we're bound to butt heads sometimes. But throughout it all I love her and she loves me. Thanks mom for being yourself!

I have already made my birthday call this morning and will be seeing my mom on Friday for our weekly laundry date and for a little more holiday fun. Another of our favorite Christmas traditions is to read a holiday book together. For several years it has been The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden and illustrated by Barbara Cooney, which is an amazing book that I highly recommend, but it is a bit long. So while in the bookstore together last week I stumbled upon a cute one that looks fun, The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas by Janette Sebring Lowrey. Ok, so I mostly picked it so I could say "poky puppy" and his friend "pickles," but that's as good reason as any. I can't wait!

As promised, here's the great final gift from my AKSP, Lynda.

That is all the yarn and notions to make a really fun felted bag from the book she also included, Pursenalities by Eva Wiechmann. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors and have been really resisting casting on right away. Such a temptation! Thanks Lynda, you were a great pal.

Have a great day everyone. And if you don't mind, send out a thought of continued health for my mom.


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