Friday, February 10

I'm In Love

*edited* About 5 seconds after I posted I just decided I couldn't say something not nice (it wasn't MEAN really) on the blog. So it's gone now. Sorry bout that.

Yep, it was bound to happen. And I think Jaime is only a little bit jealous. My new love? Knitting podcasts! Thanks to the generous people at the Office of Admissions and Scholarships at KU, and special shout out to whoever gives the accounting scholarships, I finally got my iPod a week or so ago. So of course after uploading every CD I can find and spending my $15 iTunes gift card I started searching for the free goodies. I'd listened to maybe half an episode of Knit Cast before, but just sitting and listening really didn't do that much for me. So after I dug around an found a few others I forced myself to save them for knitting time. Yesterday, I finally managed to get my reading for class done with early and had some time to sit in the hall and knit. And try my podcasts. LOVE THEM! It is so nice to knit and feel like I'm having a conversation at the same time. And they do a great job of blocking out the sounds of episode 5 million 76 of "Spiderman the Animated Series." I may be a bit obsessed. Eventually I'll get the links up to all the ones I've found and adore so far.

Anyway! What have I been busily knitting away on while listening to my beloved podcasts? Well all kinds of good things! At first I was working on my bright socks. I'm getting through the long stretch that is the foot right now.

I'm thinking that Fixation maybe isn't the sock yarn for me. I love it in theory, and there are some great colors, but the socks just never look how I want them too. And the place where my big toe goes always gets REALLY stretched out and funky looking. I guess this could be fixed with some of that carry along sock stuff, but really I'm just thinking it isn't for me. I picked up some beautiful Toasty Toes by Interlacements at the LYS the other day (and at 20% of bay-bee!) and can't wait to try it.

The other thing I've gotten back into is my clapotis. I know, it's about time. The darn thing just moves so slowly... I knit for at least 2 hours last night and only got through one repeat of the straight section. But I will finish it, really.

And last night, after an emergency trip to the LYS when I realized I didn't have the right size needles, I swatched a bit for my Olympic project. I can't wait till tonight!! I'm kinda sorta getting gauge, that counts right? Don't answer that. See, first I knit with just one of the colors alone and got a too few stitches per 4 inches. Then I tried doing a little made up fair isle pattern to see how it feels (really awkward so far btw) and it turned out to be just the right gauge. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I figure I'll probably see how it goes tonight and then if I need to I can go buy another addi to make it work.

Sorry for the extreme lack of pictures. I'll get some for next time though. Have a great day and good luck to all my fellow Olympians :)


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