Wednesday, February 8


Wow, even worse than my record of getting posts up is that of getting the sidebar updated. Well, I just went through and cleaned it up some. The projects site still needs some work, but I've been in front of this computer for far too long today already. Possibly due to a twinge of guilt over the price of the ring (which we may or may not have gone back to purchase yesterday!!!) or possibly due to the fact that I'm now completely broke from price of said ring, I've gotten serious about finding a job. I've applied to 3 places already and am hoping that one will work out. I'll probably be heading to a grocery store later to get an app just in case.

Well, I still have lots of reading to do tonight, along with going to pick of the needle I need for my Olympic project. I sorta failed to think about that part when I ordered the kit, duh! Is it crazy to anyone else that today is February 8th? Time goes WAYYY too fast nowadays.

Make it good :)


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