Wednesday, February 15

We're Engaged!

Not that it was huge surprise, but last night Jaime proposed. It was the most amazing evening. He was worried about not being able to make it something over the top, but while it didn't involve skywriting or anything it was completely us. We ordered some carry out from the best Chinese place in town and had a terribly romantic candle-lit dinner. He even bought some wine glasses so we could drink our wine out of something besides plastic cups. Anytime I can eat dinner without shoes on and feeling free to burp if necessary I'm happy :)

After dinner he got nervous and it was so sweet. He gave a little speech for a few minutes, how he feels about me and us and everything. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was crying too hard to actually say yes, but I nodded.

Here's the ring. It's really really hard to take a picture of my own hand and make the ring look even remotely decent.

I'm a happy happy girl! One of the best parts was when I called my mom this morning and she was happy for me. She and Jaime have had their differences, but they're both getting along pretty well now. It just meant everything to me when she said she was looking forward to his joining the family. It's so hard when two people you love can't get along.

Well, that's my story. Sorry if it was too gushy. I hope everyone else had a great Valentine's Day. Today I have a million things to do unfortunately. I'll post an update on my Olympic Knitting soon though. I think I may have picked the wrong project, but we'll talk about that later.

Have a great day!


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