Friday, March 31

Big Sweaty Men And Lots Of Pink

Ok, so not at the same time. Tuesday night we went to the live taping of Smackdown and it was SO MUCH FUN! Like I said before, I'm not a huge huge fan, but in person it was great. Not so great for photography though. The combination of the low lights and them moving constantly made it nearly impossible to get a good shot. This one shows how close we were (and the nice security guy). It was crazy, we were like 15-20 feet from the ring. I think I got a bit starstruck frankly. And the boys, they look even tastier in person. It'll be on TV tonight so we'll be watching and hoping we made it on the show. Well, sorta hoping and sorta thinking I don't need those extra 10 pounds on national TV...

Here we are before the show. I'm doing the try to hold the camera as far away as possible trick, can you tell? haha

And now onto the pink. My amazing SP, Cassa knows me SOOO well. Wanna see how I know?

Look at all that pink! I also got a beautiful pink Lantern Mood pouch for holding some yarn on the go (seen here) and some to-die-for honey bath stuff all of which is currently being used. YUM! I think my favorite part though is the needles with little pigs on the ends. Piggies are so fun :)

Thanks a bunch Cassa. You were a great pal and spoiled me much more than I deserved.

Tomorrow I'll be back for the big stash flash and then maybe I can tell the tale of my aunt's socks. Have a great weekend!


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