Saturday, April 1

Sharing The Love

First, I'll share my stash. Not as much as some, but I'm pretty proud of it. Now seems a good time for my not-so-frequent reminder that you can click on any of my pictures to see a bigger size.

Here's the corner where all my yarny goodness lives. Except for the backpack of leftover partial skeins which is in the closet. I didn't pull that out and don't consider it stash (denial I know hehe). And the yarn I got from my SP which I don't know where to put. As you'll see, the drawers are pretty much full...

And working from the top down we have:

My needles, stitch markers, tape measures, and other random accessories

Cotton for dishcloths, my handspun yarn, and some fixation

The sock yarn drawer

Spinning stuff

My Cascade 220 collection (anyone surprised that's what I have a whole drawer of?)

Random yarn I don't really have plans for yet, some more sock yarn that won't fit up top, and the yarn for my shapely tee

And finally the yarn that has been set aside for a specific pattern

So, show me yours!

The other meaning to the title is that I'm completely thrilled I'll finally be able to share my love of knitting with someone I love. My mom has decided, after finding out she doesn't have lymphedema (yaay!) that she'd like to learn to knit so she could knit hats for charity. I love that I can share knitting with her. I am totally excited that she's going to have a hobby (I think I've mentioned that I worry that she doesn't have much to do). And I think it's wonderful that she wants to help others, which I really should do more of with my knitting. I'm thinking next weekend when I go do my laundry I'll get her started. SO HAPPY!


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