Wednesday, May 3

Life Update

Ups and downs. That pretty much sums it up.

My mom's minor surgery went well last week, now we just have to make it through the next one this Friday. I'm not terribly worried about the surgery now, and I don't think she is either, it's the stuff afterwards that we're all stressing. My mom's still scared and unsure about the chemo. For a while I was really angry that she was worried about being tired or nauseated when it could save her life or at least extend it. And I was angry at myself for being selfish and thinking she should do what she could to stay alive for me. I'm starting to get over that now, I still hope she will decide to go through with it since the study she found says there's a 50% chance it'll help, but I can sort of understand her thinking.

Besides stressing about that and school and family and a job... I haven't been doing a ton of knitting. I started a washcloth for my mom as she was complaining about hers being really old and too rough. It's nice to be able to knit something that can comfort her in some way while I'm thinking about her and sending good thoughts. Almost a prayer washcloth :)

And of course I'm ridiculously behind on my blog reading and podcasts. Just not enough hours in the day. Have a great day everyone!


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