Tuesday, May 23

A Title Would Require Too Much Thought...

School Update
School is finally over and I'm just beginning to catch up on my usual laziness. The school website is down so I can't find out what grades I got, but I'm sure I did well enough. Well enough for me at least. My dad won't be thrilled because I didn't get all A's, but whatever. At least it's OVER! I'm actually taking an online course through the community college over the summer, but it shouldn't be too big a deal.

Fun finals week story. So, I had two finals scheduled for 7:30 AM, one Monday and one Friday. (7:30 AM is an ungodly hour for a final to begin by the way) And one of them got pushed back to 8 (thank god!) because it wouldn't take the full time anyway. So I study Sunday night for a few minutes and show up Monday morning at a couple minutes to 8 with nothing but my notes for that class (for some quick cramming before the tests were passed out). And for some reason there's another class in the room. Uhh, did I miss something? Yeah, I call Jaime to check my Palm calendar and I've mixed up my 7:30 finals. I'm supposed to be in the middle of the other one, which is an open note test. Did I mention I had nothing with me?? So I cried and I drove back home and emailed the teacher begging to take it another time. Fortunately he let me, but I was completely terrified for the rest of the day until he got back with me. Yeah, my mind was soo not on finals, obviously.

Mom Update
My mom is doing pretty well. She made it through surgery all right and has only made me crazy a few times. The pathology reports said it was a recurrence of the sarcoma she had last time and she'll be starting chemo Friday, assuming they ever confirm the appointment. More than her annoying me, although like I said there have been moments, I've mostly been annoyed at doctors. We've spent so much time waiting for calls back and for appointments to be confirmed. I do realize that the nurses and doctors are very busy, but it gets frustrating. We actually went to a "Cancer Action" center yesterday and she picked out some scarves and a wig for when she needs them. She seems to be taking things pretty well right now. I'm just trying to prepare myself for whatever I may need to do to help her. I'm generally a patient person but she just gets to me for no reason, so I've been trying to work on that. Ahh, personal growth here I come.

Knitting Update
There still hasn't been a whole lot going on. When I get a chance to veg out I don't even have the energy to knit. I did manage to knit my mom a really nice washcloth for Mother's Day. And I finished up a child sized hat for Dulaan. Nothing terribly exciting. Oh, and I knit a bit more on my spiral scarf. Enough to finally conclude that me and Addi's don't mix well. Every pair I've had now the finish eventually starts wearing off. I'm thinking maybe it's like those people who can't wear a watch cause their chemistry makes the watch stop working. Something in my chemistry just erodes Addi needles. Yes, I am a freak :)

This doesn't relate to my knitting, but I just wanted to say a public thanks to my new friend Erica and her mom for knitting up a bunch of great things for Dulaan. Before winter break I mentioned on a knitting list on Facebook that I was knitting for Dulaan and that I'd be happy to send along stuff from anyone else who wanted to help. I am so glad that I decided to get the word out, Erica and her mom were awesome and put my donations to shame.

Random Stuff
*I've actually been reading a lot more lately. Hmmm, escapism much?? I just finished a great book by Jane Green. She is now one of my favorite fun authors. No, she probably won't change your life, but that's just fine.

*I totally owe you guys some pictures! I have a whole series from Polski Day with my dad. It seems like it was AGES ago. And I have a couple cute ones of my mom and I. And I might even get around to taking some pictures of my knitting eventually...

*This weekend is Memorial Day and therefore party weekend at Aunt Cathy's. It sounds like it'll be packed with random relatives this year, so it should be interesting. My family (and when I say family I refer to my dad's side) is unique and wonderful and beyond description. Gotta love em :)


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