Saturday, May 27

Polski Day!

Finally ImageShack decided to work with me and I got a slideshow up of all my Polski Day photos. I had a great time this year, this being my first "of legal age" Polski Day. Why yes, my dad did get me tipsy. The whole parade is made up of floats from various bars down this stretch of road. Although there are firepersons and policepersons in the parade also, no one seems to mind that everyone on the floats is participating in some public drunkenness. That's Kansas City, KS for you. I got plenty of beads (no, I didn't do anything in particular for them) and some candy and just had a great time. It really is the perfect fun little parade, no big crowds here.

Click HERE for the slideshow.

In other news, I have a big day planned. I'm finally getting back to the pool as soon as I'm done here. Then tonight I'm driving out to my aunt's house for some BBQ fun. They're cooking up some ribs and other assorted grill goodies and I'll get some family time in too. Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend :)


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