Friday, July 21

Such A Big Boy

Yep, today Jaime turns the big 2-6. Which means he's really getting hassles for being "nearly 30." I just love that he'll always be older than me, hehe. Here's a few shots of our day so far.

Jaime waiting patiently for his gifts. Yes, I did make him sit there with his eyes closed while I took a picture.

And the gift of choice for the manly man? A mandoline slicer of course. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (And he really likes it too. Go me!)

And a cute picture of both of us, now that I've figured out how to put my camera on the tripod. That's all I've got for now. We ran a bunch of errands this afternoon and we're doing the whole cake thing tonight. I'll be sure to snap a few shots of that too.

And there'll definitely be a crafty update this weekend. Really!

WW Update
Had another underwhelming loss last week, down 1.2 pounds. I'm just hoping for any loss this week. I haven't been that good. I've followed plan and all, but I just feel like a day where gummy bears was my breakfast shouldn't really be considered a success.


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