Tuesday, September 25


As I speak, Junior is slumbering away...in his crib! I really don't think he's slept there since his first week. Man do I regret letting him get out of that habit. We finally decided that it was time for him to learn to sleep on his own and not on top of one of us, especially since I go back to work next week (eek!). I hadn't had much luck, but today it just clicked and he's had two good naps there. My secret is a swaddler that my mom got from a garage sale. I was just never able to wrap him up tight enough and he'd always startle himself awake with his flailing.

Actually, it's been a big couple of days for the little guy. Yesterday out of the blue I decided to try feeding him without a shield and he's been eating fine without it ever since. I started on a nipple shield in the hospital when he was having difficulty latching on and while I'd tried without it a couple times, it just never seemed worth the screaming. Now I feel so free! I can nurse him anywhere without needing to worry about having pillows just right and a clean shield. And on a lesser note he has officially switched to size 1 diapers.

Clean Boy

In other news, Friday Jaime and I got married. We've been married through common law for a bit, but we (I) wanted it to be official. As soon as I get the chance, I'll be going down the the Social Security office to chance my name. It's all very surreal

Just Married


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